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Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Adventure Sports in Nepal

Nepal is an adventurous country in the Himalayas. It offers a great number of sporting opportunities which also includes a bungee jump from 160 meters high into a gorge. Be amazed by the view as you drop yourself freefalling from the 160 meters high platform into the natural greatness beneath you. This is Nepals ultimate thrill and one you will not soon forget. Begin very close to Tibet, the bungee site surroundings will give the whole experience a magical feel. You can make it a day trip from Kathmandu or spend more time at the local resort and take up mountain biking, rafting, hiking or cave climbing.

If you would like to remain in the high altitude an still feel the thrill of adventuring in extreme surrounding, why don’t try paragliding. Become on with the vultures and eagles and fly high above this Himalayan country.

Bird Watching
We are special ist in the birds of Nepal. Active member of the birds society of Nepal a re employees in the Hotel. The park is a habitat for over 450 residential and migratory species. Many are threatened, e.g the great pied hornbill, Bengal Florican, Peregrine falcon, lesser adjutant storks etc. A bird watching tour with our naturalists will be a memorable experience.

Hot Air Ballooning
Sunrise  With the first rays of sunlight our nine story high balloon slowly comes to life. A sleeping giant decorated with the “all seeing eyes of Buddha” it ripples, stretches and slowly expand, readying itself for its complement of 12 passengers.

Gracefully and ever so slowly, the balloon eases itself from the ground. The departure is so gentle that few passengers even realize that we are now floating above the red tiled rooftops of the city of Kathmandu. Majestically the balloon climbs. A stones throw away to the east is the ancient village of Bhaktapur. It is a collection of perhaps the most historic and holy Buddhist and Hindu temples found in Asia. Look towards the center of Durbar Square in Kathmandu and the gilded temple of Kumari dashes the sun’s touch into a fan of brilliance to be ever remembered. Above Kathmandu you look out to the highest mountain range on earth.

There is no dusty Perspex, noise vibrating motor or airplane wing to spoil the most spectacular of all views. You may never climb Mount Everest but from the perfect safety and comfort of a wicker basket, in the oldest and most romantic form of flight, you will feel that you have reached the top of the world in effortless security.

Mountain Flight
We are proud to be part of a country, nestled in the laps of the beautiful Himalayas. For many years, people have been drawn by the mystery and beauty that has surrounded them. Now with our Everest Experience flight we make your visit to the highest peak just as easy.

Paragliding in this Himalayan country can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure seekers. You can experience unparalleled scenic grandeur as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, kites, while floating over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungles, with a fantastic view of the majestic Himalayas. Its evening, and you are just back from a sight-seeing tours or a delight-ful shopping binge. So what do you do ? Go back to your Hotel Room? No, Kathmandu is not going to let you off that easily. There are more fun-filled adventures waiting for you a Paraglading.

Mountain Biking:
Mountain baking is a fast way to see rural Nepal. The Villages are quaint and you will see the Nepalese peoples as they are. You can ride through rice fields, bike to the Terai towns or test your mountain biking skills by traveling to Mount Mera with your bike. The Mountain baking possibilities and streets are endless in Nepal. There are many mountain mud tracks that have created a paradise for the action biker.

Bungy Jumping
The sport has finally found a natural home in the highest mountains range in the world. The ultimate thrill of a bungy jump can now be experienced in Nepal at perhaps, the best site in the world. Nepal ‘s first bungy jumping site is situated 160m. over the wild Bhote Kosi River , and located close to the Nepal-Tibet ( China ) border, a three hours drive from Kathmandu. A jump can be arranged on arrival in Kathmandu. The jump, at 160 m. was designed by one of the New Zealand ‘s leading bungy consultants, and is operated by some of the most experienced jumpmasters in the business.

Cable Car:
The temple and small village of Manakamana is situated atop the 1302 metre hill that lies 12 km south of historic town Gorkha and overlooking the river Valley of Trishuli in South and Marshyandi in west, some three by Private Car west from Kathmandu, or about the same time by Private Car east from Pokhara. A cable car runs. ( morning 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., stopping for lunch break from 12.00 p.m. to 13.30 p.m.) from the cable station of Kurintar. Cable car is a recent phenomenon in Nepal that has become extremely popular pilgrimage and holiday destiation with the locals and tourists alike. The 10-minute cable-car ride takes the visitor to the temple of Goddess Manakamma who is believed to have the power to fulfil wishes, thus called the wish fulfilling deity.

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